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What does Ramadan Mean to you?

With Ramadan less than 40 days away, we all need to start preparing for the Holy Month. Some of us are starting to think about training our bodies to abstain from eating and drinking; others are preparing by simplifying their daily life to reduce stress and energy output; while others are reflecting on the ibaadat they intend to pursue to maximize the blessing of the month.

Our 6th Imam, Imam Jafar-as-Sadiq told us through Jabir: O Jabir! Whoever during the month of Ramadhan, fasts in its days, stands up for prayers in parts of the night, controls his desires and emotions, puts a rein on his tongue, keeps his eyes down, and does not injure the feelings of others, will become as free of sins as the day he was born.”

With such a blessed month upon us, what does Ramadan mean to you? NPR Radio would like to know! and they are asking us Muslims to provide them feedback so they can do a segment about Muslims and Ramadan. Please take a few minutes to respond to NPR (KPCC 89.3 FM) and tell them what Ramadan Mean to You

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