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SMC Participates in Muslim Day at the Capital

Upon appointing Malik Al-Ashtar as the governor of Eygpt, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib sent a letter advising Malik. In this very famous letter, Imam Ali noted “It is the common man who is the strength of the State and Religion. It is he who fights the enemy. So live in close contact with the masses and be mindful of their welfare.” Reflecting on Imam Ali’s guidance that the common man is the strength of the state, SMC sponsored several youth to attend Muslim Day at the Capital. The event was attended by more than 800 Muslims from across the state, including leaders of many communities.

SMC Board Members attended with Kazim Ali (from Jafaria Islamic Society), Rabia Naz (from Al-Walaya Center) and Ameerah Hirji (from SIIJLA) to represent the Shia Community. Mashallah the event was successful and the Muslim community had the opportunity to lobby several members of State Assembly and Senate on three key bills regarding bullying & cyberbully; police accountability; and immigrant’s ability get business licenses. After a busy day of travel to Sacramento, meeting with fellow Muslims and lawmakers, and returning back from Sacramento, our youth participants were asked about their experience; Kazim Ali said “this was an amazing opportunity to learn, experience, network, maybe find career paths, it was incredible!” Rabia Naz express similar sentiments and noted “I will definitely do this again next year and hope to encourage others to join in as well.” Thank you to CAIR-LA for organizing the event.


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