Guide & Advisor

Project Driver

The role of the Advisory Board is to guide the core team in the decisions & strategies made and to be on the ground at the events where possible to ensure the structure of the program is running within an Islamic, ethical and safe environment.

Tanweer Daya

Qualified in the UK as an Optician and Certified as an NLP Coach who works with children and adults alike to help alleviate fears, depression, anxiety and live a life of love, compassion and contentment.

Happily married for twenty years with three kids, able to speak multiple languages including Arabic, English, Urdu, Gujrati, Kachi and Swahili.

During her spare time in England, she hosted and was part of Qpid (an extension of QFatima) helping within matrimonial events and used this time to help singles connect where possible.

Syed Mahdi al-Qazwini

Syed Madi al-Qazwini is a native of Southern California. He has studied at the Islamic seminary in Qum, Iran. After completing his undergraduate studies in Islamic Studies, he returned to Southern California to pursue graduate studies at the Claremont College. He currently serves as an Islamic educator at communities across North America and the UK.

Shabnam Dewji

Shabnam Dewji is an Operations Director at AT&T specializing in creating sustainable operational environments poised for growth. Shabnam has a passion for self-development and is constantly seen signing up for learning opportunities. In 2010 she completed an Executive Leadership Development Program at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. In June 2015, she received her certification in Neuropsychology of Learning to enhance her facilitation skills for leadership programs for corporate and non-profit centers of excellence, particularly, the NASIMCO program for capacity building.

Shabnam advocates leadership among minorities and young women and wants to be a part of the quantum leap to welcome the next generation of women leaders. She volunteers as ‘professor of the day’ at local universities and participates in multiple leadership panels with diverse topics to advocate, teach and increase awareness of the ever changing social and business climate. She is active in Inter Faith activities in her Southern California community and considers it her mission to change someone’s perception of a Muslim by getting to know one!

She is currently in her 18th year as the principal of the Huseini Sunday School
in the Los Angeles Area and has been a teacher of the madrasah for 30 years. She is particularly motivated to help in the growth and development of teenagers and young adults and enjoys mentoring them on a regular basis, attending camps and facilitating workshops. She also delivers lectures on a regular basis with a focus on self-development as a journey to spiritual

Her favorite quote is this one by Khalil Gibran: “I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke I saw that life is all service. I served and I knew that service is joy.”

Team Leads

The role of the team lead is to sit together regularly and to ensure the screening of each candidate including background checks have been performed thoroughly before hand selecting the relevant candidates for the event organized. They will also be responsible to train the consultants within their team to ensure the candidates are asked the relevant questions to complete the process and be added/accepted as a prospect.

Khadija Bazzi

Khadija Bazzi is an educator and a mother of three. She taught biology for five years in Lebanon, and now teaches Arabic and Islamic Studies at IECOC Sunday School.

In her free time she loves to hike, cook, read, enjoy nature, and take part in community service. She’s family oriented with three gorgeous children and successfully married for 22 years. Her favorite quote from Imam Ali (A.S) is

“Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up”


Mentors and Newly Weds to share their stories to inspire candidates.

Sakeena Kalyan

Sakeena Kalyan found her match at a singles session at a Shia conference back in 2011.  

After getting married, Sakeena spent a fair share of time researching how to be married, using her psychology major classes as a jumping off point.  

In 2015 the Shia Marriage Circle recruited her to their personable matchmaking circle of young Shia ladies trying to help their single friends and community members find spouses.  

Sakeena also has four small kids and coordinates Kisa Family 360’s Marriage R&D branch, so has a lot on her plate.  Nonetheless, she is ever excited about creating spaces for singles to meet that aren’t as tiring, uninspiring, and dreary as the place she met her future husband.