In August 2020, the LAX Airport Authority agreed to allocate space in the international terminal for a multifaith prayer room. Led by Brother Salam Ali Hariri and supported by a unified Muslim organization cohort of Shia Muslim Council, Shura Council, CAIR, and MPAC, it took four long years to get this room assigned, constructed, furnished, and ready for use. Brother Salam’s vision and commitment to having a dedicated place for all Muslims to pray when they depart from LAX has finally been realized. Alhamdulillah, on June 5th, the Multifaith Room’s grand opening was held at LAX, attended by various leaders from Muslim and other faith organizations. Amongst the attendees were Khalil Dewji, President of Shia Muslim Council, Dr. Sayed Moustafa Qazwini, Trustee of Shia Muslim Council, Salam Ali Hariri, Prayer Room Project Manager, Dr. Ahmed Soboh, Chairman of Shura Council, and Hussam Alyoush, CEO of CAIR California, hosted by LAX CEO John Ackerman.

LAX CEO John Ackerman spoke at the granding opening “Today we come together to celebrate the universal values of compassion, understanding and unity. Your presence here is a testament of the power of dialogue and collaboration, fostering harmony and mutual respect…when this room opens to the public today, let us reaffirm our commitment to building bridges of understanding and cooperating amongst different faiths and traditions. Together we can ensure this space serves as a symbol of our shared humanity.”

The vision for this endeavor began in early 2018, with the goal of influencing the LAX Airport Authority and Mayor Garcetti’s office to provide a safe and clean designated area for Muslims and non-Muslims to perform prayers and meditation while traveling through LAX. Under the leadership of then Honorary Councilor of Shia Muslim Council, Salam Ali Hariri, he worked with faith leaders and city administrators for the past 5 years to achieve this much-needed change. This included countless hours of justifying the need and collaborating with members of the clergy from 85 organizations, while being persistent to move this project through various regulatory oversight processes. This is yet another symbol of Shia and Sunni unity through collaboration on common goals, and it has created another opportunity for the Interfaith community!

The Prayer Room can be found at LAX’s Tom Bradley Terminal. close to gate 130. Currently, there are no signs directing to the prayer room, so please make note of the location for future use.

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