Ali on Canvas

Artist: Salma Arastu
Instagram: @salmaarastu

Famous Blessings from Quran

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim in metal and glass

Muhammadun Rasulullah wa Aliyyan Waliullah on Canvas

Artist: Salma Arastu
Instagram: @salmaarastu

"Masjid al-Nabawi " / Prophet Muhammad SAW mosque - Oil painting

Artist: Syed Zillay Hasan from Montreal, Canada

Teardrop Metal Wire Allah Art with Rhinestones

Artist: Modern Islamic Wall Art

Surah al-Ikhlas on Printed Canvas

Size: 60 x 30
Artist: Arab Canvas

Quranic Ayat on Printed Canvas

Size: 20 x 20
Artist: Arab Canvas

Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin faqir on Printed Canvas

“My Lord, indeed I am, for whatever good You would send down to me, in need”
Size: 47 x 25
Artist: Arab Canvas

Naadi Ali Hand-painted on canvas

Size: 24 x 30
Artist: Nuzhat Jaffery
Instagram: @creativecanvas786

Surah Rahman Ayat Hand-painted Canvas

“So which of your Lord’s marvels will you deny?”
Size: 8 x 10
Artist: Sarah Fatima Maklai
Instagram: @sarah.maklai

Surah ar-Ra'd Ayat Hand-painted on Canvas

“Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah” – Qur’an 13:28
Size:11 x 14
Artist: Sarah Fatima Maklai
Instagram: @sarah.maklai

Man kuntu Mawla fa hatha Aliyyun Mawla on Canvas

Size: 24 x 30
Title: ‘Allegiance’
Story: The idea behind this Abstract painting was to show our allegiance to Imam Ali (as).
Arches in this painting symbolize hands. The golden circle symbolizes Wilayat of Imam Ali and wilayat of all 11 Imams. The circle in between the two opposite arches is being drawn to show that the condition of acceptance for our deeds in hereafter is the Wilayat of Imam Ali (as) in our hearts.
Artist: Mariam Zehra

"Huruf Muqatta’at" from the Holy Quran

Artist: Syed Zillay Hasan from Montreal, Canada
Description: The mysterious letters (muqaṭṭaʿāt, Arabic: حُرُوف مُقَطَّعَات ḥurūf muqaṭṭaʿāt, “disjoined letters” are combinations of between one and five Arabic letters figuring at the beginning of 29 out of the 114 chapters (surahs) of the Quran just after the Bismillāh Islamic phrase.

At the Imam Ali Inspires Us conference on Sunday, February 12th, the Shia Muslim Council (SMC) of Southern California will be hosting a silent auction. We are honored to have talented artists from the Muslim community donate some fabulous art pieces that we will be auctioning in a silent auction for fundraising purposes. Funds will be donated
to the University Chaplaincy Program.

Terms and Conditions for Silent Auction

By bidding in Shia Muslim Council’s (“SMC”) silent auction, each bidder agrees to these auction rules.

  1. All sales are final. There will be no exchanges or refunds unless otherwise noted. All items are “as is.” SMC has attempted to describe items correctly, but neither warrants nor represents and in no event shall be responsible for the correctness of descriptions, genuineness, authorship, provenance, or condition of the items.
    No statement made on this site, or made orally at the auction or elsewhere, shall be deemed such a warranty, representation, or assumption of liability.
  2. The auction item value listed is an estimate of fair market value. Items have not been appraised unless so noted. The amount you pay above this fair market value estimate is normally tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax adviser to clarify amount of deduction.
  3. Payment for items purchased must be made in full on the night of the auction to the cashier. SMC accepts cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express. Please allow 30 minutes after the silent auction bidding has closed before reporting to the cashier.
  4. Following payments, you may pick up your purchases in the checkout area. You must show your paid receipt for items to be picked up.
  5. The purchaser must pick up all items the night of the auction, unless special arrangements are made.
  6. SMC reserves the right to add or withdraw items, without notice, to or from the auction.
  7. Each person bidding assumes all risks and hazards related to the auction and items obtained at the auction. Each bidder agrees to hold harmless from any liability arising indirectly from SMC, their elected and appointed officials, members and employees, the auctioneer(s), the auction company and its agents and employees, the event organizers, sponsors, and/or volunteers connected
    with the auction.

Bidder Registration

• There is no registration required, however for a silent auction bid to be valid, bidder must provide name, email, cell phone number.

Silent Auction Bidding Process

1. Art items will be displayed at the Sheraton Hotel’s lobby during our event and each item will have a bid sheet.

2. Participants at the event may bid silently on the items they are interested in by entering their bid amount on the bid sheet. Please note that there will be a minimum bid amount that will be already noted on the bid sheet. There will also be indicated incremental bid increase amounts on the sheet.

3. The participants will need to enter their bid amount and enter their full name and contact info. Please note, that other participants will also be bidding on the same item so if you are really interested in the item, then you may want to go review the bid sheet a few times to ensure your bid is the highest. The highest bidder at closing time will win.

4. Participants have till 8:30 pm to place their final bid. At that point, an
administrator from the SMC board will collect all the bid sheets and close the auction.

5. We will be sending a text or email notification by 9:00 pm that evening to the highest bidder to inform them that their bid has won. Please be on the lookout for this notification.

6. At this point, the bid winners must proceed to make full payment for the auction item and the proceeds will go to SMC University Chaplaincy Program. The winner will also collect the art item.

Checkout Procedures
• At the conclusion of the silent auction, winner bidders will be notified via text message and asked to report to cashier to pay for the auction item.

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