Discovering Islam, written by Imam Sayed Moustafa al-Qazwini, is an excellent source for those looking to get a beginner’s glance into Islam. It is an invitation to learn about the fundamental message, spirit, and practice of Islam.

The message of Islam is universal. Islam is not intended to be a faith of followers from a certain descent; nor does it belong to one geographical part of the world; nor does it belong to a different time era.

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SMC encourages other Shia Muslim organizations and centers to join this council in order for the entire southern California Shia community to benefit from the collective insight, support, and cooperation of its members. It is only when we are able to come together as various communities and to work together that we will be able to overcome the various challenges that we face and help one another, as well as our collective communities, families, and children to prosper.

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