Aneesah is a community activist, healer, educator and a support figure to many in the impoverished area of South Center LA. She regularly attends Banu Kush Shia Jamaat, Masjid Rasool Watts, and Husseini Imambargha.

Aneerah is involved with a number of initiatives, including Vice-President of JEBA (Janazah Education Burial Association), which helps the African American community with shrouding, burial, last rites and will preparation. She is also the Vice-President of the Sick and Wellness organization, where she helps feed, home, and cloth orphaned children and homeless. She is especially focused on making sure the elderly and sick in her community have clean water and personal needs met.

Aneerah graduated from Long Beach City College and retired from the retail business after 20 years. She is a self-taught educator, sharing her learnings and passions with communities in need. She has three sons and lives in Rancho Cucamonga.