Hisham has been an active participant of SMC activities since its founding, including the leadership development program as well as attending and representing SMC at various intrafaith events.

Hisham regularly attends Islamic Education Center of OC, as well as Jafaria Islamic Society and Ahlul-Beyt Mosque. In 2015, Brother Hisham founded IECOL, Islamic Educational Center of Lafayette in the State of Indiana where he previously went to school. The center caters to the needs of students and Muslim community. With his leadership, the Lafeyette community now has daily and weekly activities run by the local community while administrative aspects are handled remotely by Brother Hisham.

Hisham regularly promotes writing competitions on various topics.

Hisham is originally from Palestine and converted to the path of the Ahlul-Baty in 2001 on the occasion of the Birth of Lady Zahra (AS). He graduated from Purdue University in Communication and Engineering. In 1995 he started his own contracting business. Brother Hisham lives in Corona.