Khalil Dewji is currently the Vice-President of Shia Muslim Council and an active participant of various Islamic Centers including Husseini Imambargha, Jafaria Islamic Center, Islamic Education Center of OC, Babul-ilm, Zainabia Islamic Society, City of Knowledge, and Ahlul-Beyt Mosque. He is also the former President of SIIJLA and Secretary of SMC.

Brother Khalil’s passion has always been to create an understanding and develop a dialog with people of different faiths. It is the same passion that drives him to develop intrafaith relations among Islamic Centers in Southern California regardless of their denomination or ethnic background. He

Born in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Khalil has lived around the world including in Pakistan, Dubai, and Louisiana. Khalil has a bachelor degree in Marketing and Advertising from LSU. After 2 decades of working in the newspaper and television advertising media, he started his own ad agency in 2007.

Khalil lives in Fullerton with his wife of 37 years. He has three adult children and one granddaughter.