Hajj Khalil Dewji

Khalil Dewji is currently the Vice-President of Shia Muslim Council and an active participant of various Islamic Centers including Husseini Imambargha, Jafaria Islamic Center, Islamic Education Center of OC, Babul-ilm, Zainabia Islamic Society, City of Knowledge, and Ahlul-Beyt Mosque. He is also the former President of SIIJLA and Secretary of

Hisham al-Khatib

Hisham has been an active participant of SMC activities since its founding, including the leadership development program as well as attending and representing SMC at various intrafaith events. Hisham regularly attends Islamic Education Center of OC, as well as Jafaria Islamic Society and Ahlul-Beyt Mosque. In 2015, Brother Hisham founded

Sister Fatim Bata

Fatim is an active community volunteer and vested contributor to the Interfaith and Intrafaith causes. She has held numerous leadership roles with SIIJLA over the last 40 years, including serving as the Vice-Principal for 20 years. Fatim selflessly volunteers her time helping the under-privledgde. She participates monthly with Uplift Charities

Brother Ayaz Kermalli

Ayaz is a native of California, born, raised and educated locally. He is an active member of multiple youth groups across Southern California, He regularly attends Jafaria Islamic Society, Husseini Imbaragha, Islamic Education Center of OC, Yaseen Education Foundation, and Zainabia Islamic Society. Ayaz has a drive to bring together


Dr. Shakeela Fatima Shah is an active member of the community. She is the chapter head of the Imamia Medics SoCal and frequents centers in the San Fernando Valley including Fatima Islamic Society and Masjid Rasool SImi Valley. Under Dr. Shakeela Shah’s leadership, Imamia Medics has partnered with SMC on


Aneesah is a community activist, healer, educator and a support figure to many in the impoverished area of South Center LA. She regularly attends Banu Kush Shia Jamaat, Masjid Rasool Watts, and Husseini Imambargha. Aneerah is involved with a number of initiatives, including Vice-President of JEBA (Janazah Education Burial Association),