Muharram 2021 1443 A.H.

Muharram 2021 1443 A.H.

On behalf of the Shia Muslim Council of Southern California, we would like to announce that the first day of Muharram 1443 AH will be Tuesday, August 10th, 2021. There were no confirmed moon sightings on the eve of Sunday, August 8th. 

Key dates for the Month of Muharram

2 Muharram – Imam Hussain (p) arrives in Karbala (61 A.H.)
7 Muharram – Water is cut off from Imam Hussain (p), his family, and his companions
10 Muharram (Aug. 19th) – Day of Ashura; Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (p) (61 A.H.)
13 Muharram – Burial of Imam Hussain (p) & his companions in Karbala (61 A.H.)
25 Muharram – Martyrdom of Imam Ali ibn Hussain (al-Sajjad) (p) (95 A.H.)
Ashura – A Timeless Symbol of Universal Social Justice
In the year 60 AH, leaving his much-loved city of Madinah, Imam Hussain (as) declared, “Indeed, I am leaving Madinah to reform the ummah of my grandfather.”  Sadly, less than half a century after the passing of the Prophet of Islam (s), those who purported to follow him had now compelled his dear grandson to stand up against them for truth and justice. Pristine values promulgated by the Holy Qur’an were being flouted with impunity by those who had usurped the leadership of the Muslim Community.   

It is in that context that the great tragedy of Karbala played out, leaving Imam Hussain (as) all alone, fighting for truth and justice against Yazid, the tyrant of the time. As his companions and family members lay dead on the plains of Karbala on the 10th of Muharram 61 AH, known as the Day of Ashura, he called out: ‘who is there who would help us?”  Today, our Muharram commemorations are our way of responding to his call. The Day of Ashura is central to the proclamation of the universal truths defended in Karbala. As the moral principles set forth by Prophet Muhammad began to wane in society and treachery and injustice became common, Imam Hussein exposed the corruption of the Umayyad government and in return, they mercilessly slaughtered him and his companions.

Ashura teaches us that we can never reconcile with an unjust authority, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. It is in the spirit of the tradition of Imam Hussain that we are empowered to refuse to continually stand up for social justice and refuse to tolerate the despots of yesterday and today.

The concept of social justice, in this period of a worldwide pandemic, has acquired a new facet. For centuries, remembrance of the tragedy of Karbala has continued to draw ever-increasing crowds to Husayniyyahs and Islamic centers around the world as soon as the Muharram crescent is sighted. Sadly, given the Covid-19 contagion, we have been forced to resort to virtual commemorations to keep safe and save our own lives and those of others. Thus, in that context today social justice also means social distancing – to protect ourselves and others from harm. Most scholars agree that in difficult times such as now, avoiding gatherings is a prudent and a pragmatic step. Our faith places an extremely high value on the sanctity of human life, and we must all exercise an abundance of caution by ensuring we do not expose ourselves and others to the danger and risks presented by public or private gatherings during the forthcoming commemoration of Muharram.

The Noble Prophet (s) has said:
“The destruction of the entire dunya (world) is easier to Allah than the killing of one person with no justification.”

We pray for humanity to be spared from this pandemic and send special prayers for a full recovery to those afflicted by Covid-19.  May Allah enable everyone to continue remembering the sacrifices in Karbala and paying homage to Imam Hussain (as) through virtual commemorations and at home with their families.

Webinar Series: Muharram a Time for Sacrifice and Reformation
In-Person and Live Online Programming Guidelines
Due to the ongoing pandemic, most Islamic Centers will be having online programming as well as in-person events. Most centers are allowing for vaccinated only attendees (proof may be required or reservation in advance) plus face-masking. Please consult your local center’s requirements before attending. SMC and IMI have Reopening Guidance to follow in additional to any local county regulations. I.M.A.M has also issued guidelines for holding Muharram programs both in-person, virtual and for at home majlis. Please review these carefully.  

SMC is pleased to present a consolidated site of all the live programmings during the month of Muharram, SMC Live. 

SMC Live will provide a one-stop platform to see all the live programs on one site. Weather you are looking for English, Farsi, Arabic or Urdu programs, just go to

We will be adding additional live programs from surrounding regions to provide the community more options. Your feedback is welcome at
Truth of Fasting on Ashura Day:Many Muslims insist on the importance of fasting on the day of Ashura. This article studies the origin and validity of fasting on the day of Ashura and whether it can be considered a genuine sunnah of the Prophet.
Truth of Fasting on Ashura Article Here
Donate Blood this Muharram
“Whoever saves the life of one human being, it shall be as if he had saved the whole of humankind.” (Holy Quran, 5:32)
Register to Donate Blood
Inshallah, next weekend on Sunday August 14th and 15th, we will have a blood drive at Zainabia Islamic Society in Pomona and Masjid Rasool in SImi Valley, and the weekend after on Sunday August 22th, at Jafaria Islamic Society in Anaheim. 

Please sign up as soon as possible as we need to fill these donations spots. 

We are taking extraordinary COVID precautions to ensure your safety; this includes only two donors allowed on a bus at a time, face masks required by staff and donors, temperature checks, sanitizers, and screening of all staff, volunteers and donors. Covid antibody testing is a valuable benefit included. 
Register to Donate Blood
LAMP Muharram Juloos – August 15th
Muharram – A Time for Sacrifice and Reformation
Jazakum Allahu Khayran,
Shia Muslim Council of Southern California
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