Sunni Shia Unity – The Myth of Sectarianism with Mehdi Hassan

#SunniShiaUnity; #ShiaUnity, #MuslimUnity – Zainabia Islamic Society hosted world renowned political journalist, Mehdi Hasan in Pomona for a discussion on Sunni Shia Unity. SMC Leaders, Khalil Dewji, MehdiReza Hirji, Dr. Fatma Hakkak and Syed Asghar Rizvi were in attendance along with Islamic Shura Council Leaders, Dr. Ahmed Soboh,Chairman and Waqas Syed, Secretary. Mehdi Hasan discussed the geo-political environment in the Middle East and how it is unfortunately shaping our behavior towards one another in a negative manner. It is important that we don’t allow our relationships with our fellow Muslims be impact by these events. Mehdi Hasan reminded all in attendance of Imam Ali’s Letter to Malik al-Ashtar, Governor of Egypt, in which, Imam Ali describes people:

“People are of two types: they are either your brothers in faith or your equals in humanity.” – Hazrat Ali ibn Abu Talib

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Thank you to Nadeem Zaidi and the ZIS management team for organizing this timely and relevant event.

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