Remember to Vote on Tuesday, November 8th

Salaam Alaikum:

The day has come for Americans to casts their votes on who will lead the country for the next 4 years. American Muslims became an election platform for the first time in American history and we must cast our votes to ensure that we fight against Islamophobia and bigotry across all public offices. Further, several major propositions are also being decided, including the legalization of marijuana and if state wide voters should have a say in local infrastructure spending. 

On Tuesday November 8th, polls are open from from 7 am – 8 pm.

To find your polling place:

Vote By Mail Drop-Off Locations:

Remember, absentee ballots must be received by November 8th, so if you haven’t mailed in your vote by mail ballot, make sure to drop it off at the drop off locations on November 8th and make your vote COUNT. 

Lastly, be an informed voter. Print out your local Muslim Voter Guide (provided by CAIR-CA PAC, an independent, non-partisan, committee) at

We pray that Allah SWT guide this nation to success. 

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