Register to Vote and Be an Informed Voter

The 2016 Elections has become one of the most contentious races in recent history. From federal to state to local offices, issues affecting Muslims, and particularly Shia Muslims, are at stake. Never before have Muslims become a significant body to change the course of election history, as we are now in 2016. SMC encourages all eligible voters to get out this November and make your voices heard and exercise your right to vote. But the first step is to make sure your are registered to vote.

OCT 25, 2016 is the last day to register to vote in the November elections in California!

Haven’t registered yet? It’s easy! You can register to vote online by clicking HERE

Not sure if you’re already registered? Check the status of your voter registration HERE.

Don’t forget to add these important dates to your calendar!

October 10, 2016: Vote By-Mail Voting Begins

November 8, 2016: Election Day and Vote By-Mail Ballots must be return to a polling location by 8 pm

Lastly, make sure you are an informed voter for Election 2016. SMC will share voter guides with the community once they released by several reputable organization to assist the community in making the informed choice.

Jazakum Allahu Khayran, 

Shia Muslim Council of Southern California

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